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Open Democracy January 2016 – review by Dr Paul Rogers of Bradford University Department of Peace Studies: ‘A hugely readable and informative book…This is a story of change-making that works.’

War Resisters International Feb 2016:  ‘The book arrived through my post box on a Saturday morning and by Sunday I had finished it. I couldn’t put it down and even found myself reading excerpts from it at a friend’s lunch (and I’m not one who usually reads aloud to people!). When I did set it aside so I could sleep, I was so high on adrenaline my brain was buzzing and I had BAE-fuelled dreams. The book had me on the edge of my seat as I followed Andrea’s experience of planning and carrying out the action; her time in prison and the suspense of the court case.’

Labour Briefing March 2016: ‘Andrea Needham has written a brilliant account of this brave action. It’s gripping and inspiring and should be read by every activist.’

Morning Star April 2016: ‘Needham’s account of sneaking into the British Aerospace factory at Warton and disarming the Hawk by hammering and smashing parts of the aircraft is absolutely riveting.’

Red Pepper April 2016: ‘If I had a hammer’, article by Andrea Needham

Campaign Against Arms Trade News Apr – Jun 2016 (p10): ‘… a gripping story of a remarkable action, one with particular resonance and relevance today.’

New Internationalist July 2016: ‘When petitions and protests aren’t enough: what next?’ Article by Andrea Needham

PeaceLinks (Fellowship of Reconciliation), Summer 2016 (p10): ‘…a gripping story and extremely well told…a brilliant telling of a wonderful action which should be a handbook for activists everywhere.’




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